Courses & Scheduling

College Credit
Clearfield High School offers a number of ways for students to earn vocational certifications and/or college credit while in high school. So many choices, you can mix and match!

Class Schedule Changes
1st semester schedule changes are over for now, but you can learn more about the process in the future. If you come complete 2nd semester before Winter break, you won't have to pay for schedule adjustments. 

Course Requests & Catalog 
Course requests usually open in February after Falcon Preview. Feel free to check out the course options and learn more about them in the course catalog. 

Credit Options
There are a number of ways to get original credit and credit recovery OUTSIDE of Clearfield High. Whether you're trying to get ahead, make room for different electives, or get back on track, there's an option for you. 

Internships allow students to explore a career while still in high school and earn CTE or Elective credit while they're at it.