Credit Options

Please meet with your counselor to determine your graduation credit status and available options.  

Credit Option

Enrollment Information

Type of credit and COST

CHS Online Courses (Edgenuity)

See your counselor for more information.
Enrollment by an approved CHS teacher. 
Courses are loaded onto your Edgenuity account and your progress is tracked by a CHS teacher.
Completion of one course clears one U citizenship.
Edgenuity Login Instructions

Original and 
Credit Recovery
**cost for some courses

Utah Students Connect
Online Courses

Enrolled by your counselor. 
Complete online course. UTSC Canvas Login
Take proctored final during Tuesday late start or schedule with your counselor.
Utah Students Connect course list

Original Credit
Credit Recovery
$45 online payment (per .25 credit). 

Northridge Learning Center
Paper Packets

Self-enrollment at Northridge Learning Center
2405 N Hill Field Road, Layton UT 84041
(801) 776-4532, option 1

Original and
Credit Recovery

$50 (per .25 credit). 

CHS Summer Basecamp

See your counselor for more information.
Schedules and contracts are available in May.

Credit Recovery ONLY

State Online
Education Providers

Self-enrollment through individual online providers.
Courses taken online may adjust student scheduling options at CHS.
Providers are approved through the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) 
State Online Education Providers (SOEPs)

Original and
Credit Recovery

Cost assessed by individual providers