Falcon Pathways

Falcon Pathways

Clearfield High offers five broad-based Falcon Pathways or areas of study. This allows students to explore their career interests while in high school and acquire a strong foundation of coursework which may be essential for specific careers. The five Falcon Pathways are:

o    Art
o    Business & Marketing
o    Health & Human Services 
o    Industry 
o    Letters & Science

Students choose a Falcon Pathway based on individual interests. It provides students with a roadmap of courses from which to choose during their sophomore, junior and/or senior years. The Pathways are not restrictive and students can choose one or multiple pathways to work towards.

Upon completion, students will receive multiple pins and certificates in their achieved Pathways but will only receive ONE medallion for Pathway completion. Pins can be attached to their Medallion ribbon to wear at graduation. 

Applications are reviewed annually. Senior class 2020 applications will be available at the beginning of 4th term as 3rd term grades MUST BE INCLUDED in all applications. Once all applications have been reviewed, the approved award list will be posted on the front door to the counseling center. See your counselor for further information. 

Due to the soft closure of schools, SENIORS may submit an application via this Microsoft Forms link. Please be familiar with requirements for each pathway prior to completing the form. Links are included in each pathway below to view individual requirements. Application LINK will CLOSE Tuesday, April 21st at 10 PM. 

Application via Microsoft Forms Link