Graduation Requirements

Clearfield High School requires students to earn 27 total credits in the following categories to graduate. 




4.0 credits
*Course(s) each academic year (9, 10, 11, and 12)


3.0 credits
*Math I, II, and 3rd year math


3.0 credits
*Two foundation science courses
*One additional science

Social Studies

2.5 credits
*Geography .5
*World History 1.0
*US History 1.0

US Government &

.5 credits

Physical Education

1.5 credits
*.5 Fit for Life REQUIRED
*1.0 Additional PE credit

Fine Arts

1.5 credits

Career and 
Technical Education

1.0 credits

Digital Studies

.5 credits

General Financial Literacy

.5 credits

Elective Courses

8.5 credits

*Students who do not meet the 27 credit graduation requirements at CHS may be eligible to earn a 24 credit diploma through Davis School District. Students earning a 24 credit diploma will NOT be able to walk at graduation. See your counselor for more details.