Graduation Requirements

Clearfield High School requires students to earn 27 total credits in the following categories to graduate. Please visit the Course Requests page for more information about available courses in each category.  

Track your graduation status by checking myDSD (click academics-reports-graduation summary).


(Year long is 1.0 credit,
Semester long is .5 credits)


4.0 credits
*Course(s) each academic year (9, 10, 11, and 12)


3.0 credits
*Math I, II, and 3rd year math


3.0 credits
*Two foundation science courses
*One additional science

Social Studies

2.5 credits
*Geography .5
*World History 1.0
*US History 1.0

US Government &

.5 credits
Civics test

Physical Education

1.5 credits
*.5 Fit for Life REQUIRED
*1.0 Additional PE credit

Fine Arts

1.5 credits

Career and 
Technical Education

1.0 credits

Digital Studies

.5 credits
USBE Approved Digital Studies courses

General Financial Literacy

.5 credits

Elective Courses

8.5 credits

*Students who do not meet the 27 credit graduation requirements at CHS may be eligible to earn a 24 credit diploma through Davis School District. Students earning a 24 credit diploma will NOT be able to walk at graduation. See your counselor for more details.