Junior High

High School


Transcript Request

Please open the following tabs for transcript request instructions unique to each student need. 

Current CHS Students

Complete the transcript request form on Mrs. Spraker's door in the counseling office. 

Include the following:

  • Date of request
  • Your name
  • Where you want your transcript sent--include the school's address if being sent out of state.

Please print legibly.

Once completed, Mrs. Spraker will write the sent date next to your request. 

Former CHS Students

Request your transcripts by visiting the following link. 

CHS Transcripts through Parchment

**Clearfield High follows FERPA laws and guidelines.

Student Record Policy

It is Davis School District policy that all student records are to be kept on site for a period of 3 years following graduation. If you would like to obtain your records, please contact our registrar in the month of June, 3 years after graduation.