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Kristine Stringham

Kristi Stringham
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CHS CTE/CE Remote Learning Canvas Content

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CTE Classes

Agriculture and FFA - Molly Wengreen

Auto - Brian Wiggins

Business and Marketing, DECA - Diana Waite

CTE Coordinator - Sandra Jensen

CTE Secretary - Kristi Stringham

Child Care - Kindra Burlison

Computer Science/IT - Paul Soderquist

Digital Media - Matt Kennaley

Emergency Medical Response - Tagan Christensen

FCS - Kim Smith

FCS - Natalie Knowlton

FCS - Lara Martin

Furniture Making - Jason Charlesworth 

Intro to Engineering Design, PLTW - Dave Caulford

Principles of Engineering, PLTW - Dave Caulford

Welding and FFA - Bruce Decker

Woodworking - Jason Charlesworth


CHS CE Classes

CE Accounting 1 and 2 - Diana Waite

CE Art - Megan Wilson

CE ASE Auto - Brian Wiggins

CE Business and Marketing - Diana Waite

CE Communications - Becky Vervloet

CE Digital Media - Matthew Kennaley

CE Emergency Medical Response - Tagan Christensen

CE Engineering - Dave Caulford

CE English - Michael Handy

CE English - Lynaya Hernandez

CE English - Therese Holland

CE FCS - Kim Smith

CE FCS - Natalie Knowlton

CE Fine Arts - Val Moore

CE French - Sarah Coldiron

CE General Financial Literature - Diana Waite

CE German - Breann Busboom

CE Humanities - Katie Moss

CE History - John Brumbaugh

CE IT/Computer Science - Paul Soderquist

CE Interior Design - Diane Thurman

CE Math - Liz Abercrombie

CE Math - Helen Heiner

CE Medical Anatomy/Physiology - Dr. Ryan Everhart

CE Peer Tutoring - Talisha Thorson

CE Spanish - James Yoder

CE Spanish - Beatriz Rosentangle

CE Woodworking/Cabinetry - Jason Charlesworth

CE Welding - Bruce Decker


Career and Technical Education (CTE) at Clearfield High provides our students with knowledge and skills in many different content areas including, but not limited to:

•    Business & Marketing
•    Family and Consumer Science
•    Health Sciences
•    Information Technology
•    Skilled and Technical 

Courses combine the academic knowledge and technical skills that are vital for entry into the careers of the 21st century. Many CTE courses also offer Concurrent Enrollment college credit. Career Pathways help students to seamlessly transition from high school to college to careers and life.  Acquired CTE skills are verified through CTE State Skill Certificate tests or industry tests in each course. 

CTE student organizations (CTSOs) combine classroom instruction with student-leadership training and a practical application of skills. Each organization provides training and competition specific to a CTE program area. Students enrolled in CTE courses are encouraged to participate in the student organization that relates to their area of career interest. Each year students participate in region and state competitions. State winners are eligible to attend their national competitions. Student organizations are DECA, FBLA, FCCLA, FFA, and HOSA.


CTE students have a higher graduation rate than non-CTE students. The CTE Skill Certificates students earn in their courses give them an edge on their resumes and applications. Check Out These Facts!