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Tim Feltner

Tim Feltner 
CHS CTE Coordinator
DSD Tech & Engineering Specialist


Kristine Stringham

Kristi Stringham
CTE Secretary


Career and Technical Education (CTE) provides students access to high-quality, career-focused programs that result in marketable skills. 

Clearfield High Offers CTE Courses In Seven Areas:


Courses Taught at CHS:

Agricultural Systems and Technology I (8112) Year
Floriculture (8137) Semester
Greenhouse Management (8138) Semester
Animal Science and Technology (8172) Year
Veterinary Assistant (8174) Year
Natural Resource Science I (8184) Semester
Natural Resource Science II (8186) Semester

Business & Marketing

Courses Taught at CHS:

Accounting I (8500) Semester
Accounting II (8503) Semester
Advanced Accounting (8511) Semester
Business Office Specialist CE (8523) Semester
Web Development (8536) Semester
Business Management CE (8542) Semester
Entrepreneurship (8543) Semester
Digital Business Applications (8555) Semester
Business Law (8572) Semester
Business Communication I (8578) Semester
Leadership Principles I (8588) 1st Semester Only
Leadership Principles II (8589) 2nd Semester Only
Economics (8587) Semester
Desktop Publishing I (8590) Semester

Family & Consumer Science

Courses Taught at CHS:

Child Development (8406) Semester
Sports and Outdoor Product Design I (8409) Semester
Adult Roles and Financial Literacy (8419) Year
Food and Nutrition I (8421) 1st Semester Only
Interior Design I (8424) Semester
Interior Design II (8425) Semester
Early Childhood Education 1A (8444) Semester
Early Childhood Education 1B (8445) Semester
Early Childhood Education 2 (8446) Year or Semester
Designer Sewing (Textile Design Entrepreneurship) (8448) Semester
ProStart I (8452) Year (3rd or 7th Period)
Clothing 1 (Apparel Design and Production 1) (8475) Semester
Clothing 2 (Apparel Design and Production 2) (8476) Semester
Food and Nutrition 2 (8478) 2nd Semester Only
Foundations of Nutrition CE (8479) Semester
Nutrition and Sustainable Cooking CE (8482) Semester

Health Science

Courses Taught at CHS:

Information Technology

Courses Taught at CHS:

Skilled & Technical Science

Courses Taught at CHS:

Technology & Engineering

Courses Taught at CHS: