College Credit

Students with an IB Diploma receive 30 semesters of General Education or elective credits.  The Diploma eliminates the General Ed requirements in science, fine arts, humanities and social sciences.  General Education English will be waived for students with a 5 or better on the English HL test.  The waiver of math credits is based on the math taken and test score received.   The American History Department requirement will not be waived.  Without the full Diploma, students will be given 8 semesters hours for every HL IB test taken and passed with a score of 5 or better.
Students who complete an IB examination at the standard level will normally be given 3 hours of general credit.  An HL IB course may receive 6 hours of credit and possibly fill a General Education requirement.
Students with an IB diploma will be awarded a maximum 30 credits which will waive the Breadth requirements, but students still must complete Communications, Quantitative and Computer and Information Literacy requirements.  Students without the IB Diploma may receive up to 8 credits for scores of 5, 6, or 7 on HL exams, up to 30 credits.
Students with the IB Diploma will receive 30 semester credit hours, and all Breadth Requirements will be waived as well as the Diversity Requirement.  Examination scores of 5 or higher may wave additional Core Requirements.  Students without the IB Diploma may receive up to 8 credits for scores of 5, 6, or 7 on HL IB exams, up to 30 credits.
Most higher education institutions have information about IB credit on their web pages.  For specific questions, contact the admission's office.
Here's another way of looking at Admissions with both AP and IB: 
Admissions to Colleges and Universities in Utah with IB Diploma or IB Credits


·       Because IB and AP courses are measured by a universal standard, students who take these courses will receive extra consideration in the BYU admission process.

·       Students who take AP or IB courses are usually more prepared for the rigors of college coursework, as well as the ACT/SAT, because of the study skills, discipline,and knowledge gained while taking such courses.

·       Each application is reviewed and evaluated according to the following elements:seminary attendance, service, leadership, personal essays, individual talents,creativity, AP/IB COURSES TAKEN,and other factors showing a student’s ability to strengthen the BYU community. 

 University of Utah

·       Students enrolled at the U of U who achieved scores of 5,6 or 7 on Higher Level (HL)exams may be awarded up to 8 semester hours of university credit for each course taken and passed or up to 30 semester hours of credit for completion of the entire IB Diploma.

·       General Education requirements will be waived for completion of the IB Diploma except in the areas of writing, American History, and mathematics.  These areas can be waived with a Higher Level(HL) exam with a passing score of 5 or higher. 


Utah State University

·       Students who enter with IB Credit are awarded admission to the Honors Program.  Students who present an IB Diploma will be awarded a maximum of 30 credits. 


Utah Valley University

·       Students who receive scores of 5,6 or 7 will be granted credits at UVU. Standard Level(SL) subjects are typically granted 3 credits. Higher Level (HL) subjects are typically granted 6 credits.  If the Diploma has been earned students will receive up to 30 semester credits.  (  

Weber State College

·       A student who completes the IB Diploma program will receive 30 semester credit hours as well as a waiver of all Breadth Requirements within the General Education Requirements and the University Diversity Requirements. 

·       If the Diploma was not earned, students will be awarded 8 semester hours of creditand a waiver of the corresponding general education requirement for each Higher Level (HL) subject with a score of 5 or higher.