College Credit

Students with an IB Diploma may receive* 30 semesters of General Education or elective credits.    Without the full Diploma, students will be given 8 semesters hours for every HL IB test taken and passed with a score of 4 or better.

*Clearfield High School does not award college credit and cannot forecast the amount of credit a student will receive. Students are encouraged to work closely with an academic advisor for the program they are interested in attending at their selected university.
Most higher education institutions have information about IB credit on their web pages.  For specific questions, contact the admission's office.
If you have questions about how IB is viewed and accepted at the university you would like to attend, go to your university's website and search "IB Credit". This should provide resources that will help you get a feel of how your chosen university handles IB.  We encourage all individuals to reach out to a college admissions officer at their selected university and have the conversation about how much credit can be gained, and what scholarships they could apply for.