Summit Learning


What is Summit Learning?

Summit Learning is a research–based approach to education designed to drive student engagement, meaningful learning, and strong student–teacher relationships that prepare students for life beyond the classroom. Summit Learning is grounded in decades of research about how children learn. With Summit Learning, students gain mastery of core subjects like math, history, English, and science, while also carefully developing the skills and habits of lifelong learners. The Summit Learning program offers schools customizable curriculum, a range of educational resources and technology tools including a robust learning management system (LMS), professional development for educators, and ongoing coaching and support for schools.

What does Summit Learning Look Like at Clearfield High School?

In 2020-2021 we had a cohort sophomores choose to be a part of the Summit Learning Program at CHS.

For the 2021-2022 school year we have a self-select cohort of juniors and sophomores participating in the Summit Learning Program for their core classes: Math, Science, English, and History.  The Summit Learning platform (a learning management system or LMS, like Canvas, or Google Classroom) will also be used for our AP Language class, and for all mentoring classes. Our Summit trained teachers may also use the Summit Platform for ‘non-cohort’ classes they teach.

For the 2022-2023 school year more sophomores and their teachers will use Summit Learning tools.  The junior and senior cohorts will continue with Summit Learning, and all students and teachers will use the Summit Learning platform for mentoring.  

How do I sign my student up to be a part of the CHS Summit Learning Cohort?

Complete this form to have your student be in the CHS Summit Learning Cohort for 2021-2022.


How can I learn more about Summit Learning?

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