Teen Center

A quiet, but pervasive problem is affecting the youth of Davis County: homelessness. There are more than 1,200 homeless or displaced children in Davis School District, 300 of whom are high school students. With help from the community, the Davis Education Foundation constructed this Teen Center to assist students that are in need. Our Teen Center provides students in crisis with a place to shower, dress privately, launder clothing, access hygiene items, use a quiet study area and make connections to vital education and community resources.  

Video: A Place of Hope and Refuge

Teen Center

The Teen Center is a safe, private space for students who are experiencing homelessness or less-than-ideal home situations.  Students can come to the Teen Center to shower, do laundry, eat, and study in a comfortable environment.

Students who would like to use the Teen Center should speak with their counselor.

Click here to see the Davis School District video that was produced at the Teen Center Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.  

Donation list of items needed for teen center